Embodying an abstraction / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at the Collège de France

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At the invitation of the Collège de France, the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker sets out to summarize her entire career and artistic guidelines. With a striking sense of analysis and instinct shaped by forty years of research and risk-taking, she takes the reader on a journey in several stations, guided by her definitions of the art of choreography.  Each of these chapters are inspired by major encounters: from Constantin Brancusi and Trisha Brown, over flocks of birds, to Johann Sebastian Bach, Ann Veronica Janssens and Pythagoras.

Mathematics, anatomy, nature, Eastern philosophy, and music theory are all summoned by an artist whose tireless relationship of knowledge paradoxically aims at the art of unveiling through abstraction. From chapter to chapter, we approach the core of a spiral - her favourite figure, where body and mind meet.

Bilingual French/English edition
11.5 x 17 cm / 108 pages

Published by Actes Sud in the series "Le souffle de l'esprit"